Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Just Checking

If you are someone that prides themselves on getting their entertainment news from reliable sources, then I hope you do not go to the IMDb. Their newsfeed, WENN, has the habit of taking one quote and turning it into an entire story, exaggerating it to full effect like a British tabloid.

For example, this item, which hits close to home:

Chinese actress Bai Ling, who stars opposite Nick Nolte in the upcoming The Beautiful Country, has told the New York Post that she was cut out of the final installment of Star Wars after George Lucas learned that she had posed topless for Playboy.The newspaper reported that she burst into tears after getting word that her scene had been removed. "I just found out that my part has been completely cut out," she told the Post. "I do not know what happened." However, she speculated that it may have had something to do with her layout in June's Playboy. "I did not know that Playboy was going to come out the same time as Star Wars. I saw them as separate projects. I see the human body as beautiful and not pornographic, but maybe the Star Wars producers did not see what I did. I am in shock."

Of course, if you actually go to the new York Post's gossip column and read the entire item, they at least offer Lucasfilm a chance to speak for themselves:

LucasFilm spokeswoman Lynn Hale told us that Ling's sole scene was cut more than a year ago. "It was just one scene," she said.

My only thought is to wonder why they carted her around at Celebration and had her signing autographs and the like. True, it's pretty common to have people like "The third x-wing pilot on the right who was digitally replaced in the Special Edition" at conventions to be worshipped without a second thought, but it almost seems disingenuous in a way.

Other things that pop into my head: Did she really just find out *now*? Is this a publicity stunt to get her name in the paper and sell more issues of Playboy? Does Playboy *really* need Bai Ling's help?

Another head-scratcher from Tinseltown. I'd cry if I was cut from Revenge too, but i'm pretty sure Playboy wouldn't be involved.