Friday, May 13, 2005

Mob Mentality

We have our tickets. I'll be going to the 8:30 PM screening on Thursday at the Arclight cinema, where the dorks were *supposed* to line up. I guess it's a blessing not to go to the midnight showing. For I and II, I saw it with screaming, cheering geeks that the appearance of a single colored glowing sword would cause them to collectively orgasm. It's impossible to watch the movie without drinking the kool-aid in one form or another when attending with this audience, so it's for the best that we avoid it. The theater will be jam packed, and with plenty of Star Wars fans, but not the ones so clamoring for the movie that the Star Wars logo will illicit the same response that U2 gets when they take the stage for an encore.

The "2nd wave" of reviews have hit, and they're mostly of the variety that speaks of returning to reality, that Revenge isn't the great white hope, but rather just a vast improvement over the other two prequels. Of course, there are the extremes out there. I've read reviewers that said that Revenge was "the best film in 25 years" and I've seen a critic that called it a "Death Twitch". One review dared to say that ROTS could possibly be the best of all six Star Wars films. Okay, whoa. Reality police, pull over. Insinuating that it's even possible is the golden calf of geeks everywhere. You're worshipping a false idol, now come back to the flock.

There are several truths that spin a thread through most reviews out there. Hayden's acting is still wooden. The diologue is campy. Palpatine is the best character. The final duel is great, but not a jaw-dropper. Most of these were a given, and don't surprise me too much. I think the cast could take a note from classically trained actor Ian McDiarmid and learn how to deliver stuff like this without sounding stiff or silly.

Whatever the final product may be like from my perspective, I'm sure that I'm going to enjoy that night in the theater. I somehow managed to have fun at the previous two, so that's not a worry. But the aftertaste is always very vivid, and hard to get rid of by going home and watching A New Hope. So we count down the final days, and hope we're getting more than we bargained for.