Sunday, May 01, 2005

Thank You, George

While it's my opinion that Episodes I and II were extremely lackluster and I'm not holding my breath on III, I would not be here caring so much about them if the Original Trilogy didn't grab a hold of me as much as it did. So upon discovering, it was not very hard for me to find something nice and meaningful to say in my Thank You without having to put a brave face on. I wrote what I meant, and if people think that bestowing praise on Lucas for his past work while critizing his recent efforts is hypocrisy, then we shall be at an impasse for quite awhile.

I don't know if this will ever see George's eyes, or if the effort really does come from a good place (They're going to sell a *lot* of T-shirts), but I think I'm doing the right thing by standing up and being counted as someone thankful for the Star Wars universe.

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